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Posted on Sat 22nd of October 2022

Persons With Disabilities helped in Uganda today

Our inspiration to empower women hails from the unthinkable suffering that we have agonizingly witnessed over the years. Women have constantly proved to be the back born of our societies yet the injustices hipped on them by systems have continued to impoverish them. Reformation is found on the belief that women are endowed with lots of inherent skills and potentials that must be polished and monetized. Empowering women is the first step towards community and national development. As a women empowerment organization we are committed to transforming all kinds of women who include widows, single mothers, commercial sex workers, and impoverished women in our different communities for commercial purposes. We aim to propel women to self-independence and revival which will enable them take care and educate their children. The rational for focusing on women is they can improve their family’s and make sure they are self-sustainable. In the end we want to create a wave of strong and independent women who can objectively participate in national development.

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