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Posted on Fri 23rd of September 2022

Support To Persons With Disabilities

Reformation Foundation collaborated with district leadership and specifically stood with one special category of women in the community where it birthed its operations. These were the disabled in Mpigi. Among the activities that were done to help were; 1. According assistance to those who needed physical support in going about their daily life; resourcing crutches, wheel chairs and walking sticks. 2. Providing them with some supplies like face masks, sanitizers and food supplies. 3. Connecting with local government and medical institutions to ensure health services are availed to the disabled in Mpigi in the communities whenever need arises 4. Supported the creation of different groups and interlinked them with the support networks in the district; to make it easy to link services and also discuss ways of improving the standards of living for the disabled women.

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In this period the foundation got so immersed in understanding the kind of life that a disabled woman with a family leads. It is unbelievable how strong women with disabilities are. However, one of the most important steps of intervention is mental health empowerment. This is because these women endure a lot of hardship. Also, there is need for supporting them through a skilling program especially in hands on commercial activities like craft, tailoring, shoe making and soap making among others. This would greatly improve their standard of living. Reformation foundation is looking to connect with government and funders to increase and improve the quality of support given to the vulnerable women in the different Ugandan communities. The foundation also looks at collaborating with local and international markets in order to increase the income of the disabled. Conclusively disabled women are generally strong people who are often marginalized in their different communities, interacting with them also proved that disability is not inability. There is a lot that can be done by government, well-wishers, missions and Funders to continue improving their standards of living.

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