Reformation Foundation Uganda


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The needy around us

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We can change society!

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We pride in rewriting stories.

Our heart's desire

Together lets help to
support community

It is with great compassion that we all come together and empower vulnarable families to ensure community transformation.

Child Protection

Women Empowerment

Persons With Disabilities

As an organisation

With your help, we have supported over 100
families in different communities

Our support

Through donations of money and other forms of gifts
given by different people all over the world,

We have been able to empower over 200 vulnerable women to start up businesses that can sustain them and their farmilies, supported basic child education to the most needy and also provided other basic needs and also Carry out Child Protection sensitiations.

We have changed the story of many.


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Child Protection

Women Empowerment

Persons With Disabilities

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