Reformation Foundation Uganda

About Us


Is an indigenous nonprofit organization established in 2019 and fully registered in 2021 under the Uganda Registration Services Bureau as legitimate and fit to operate in Uganda. It is also a wind of change blowing to bring a 360 community transformation across Africa. We choose to ignite this flame in our home country Uganda and spread across Africa.

Our Impact

Reformation Foundation has witnessed great impact on communities through projects done in its different initiatives. Women Empowerment: we believe that women have the ability and level of intelligence as men. We focus on phasing out the men superiority complex stereotype. We continuously seek to empower women through hands on skill training in different income generating activities, which include tailoring, Hair and makeup dressing, pedicure and manicure, soap making, recycling, livestock farming, carpentry and joinery, Plumbing, electricity connection, construction. For a 360 community transformation women are the significant part of the jig saw.

Our Vision

Rejuvenate communities through protecting, empowering, skilling and equipping of the most venerable people.

Our Mission

We focus on championing 360 society transformation by exploring and enhancing un tapped potentials of the most vulnerable and taking care of the environment.


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